Our aim in founding Prima Materia is to help the most ambitious European entrepreneurs find technology solutions to society's most difficult problems.

We are at an important crossroads for the type of future we want to see for the world.

We face huge and numerous challenges: climate change is destroying ecosystems; healthcare costs are increasing, while access to it declines; and the future of the labour market is deeply uncertain. The world feels more polarized and precarious than ever.

But as entrepreneurs it’s in our nature to be optimists. What if we viewed these crises as opportunities to rethink, redesign and rebuild in radical new ways for long-term benefit? And what if we took the lead for creating change here in Europe?

Europe has a tremendous history of innovation, and the opportunity to lead us to new answers, a new vision and a new tomorrow built on our shared values of collective welfare, collaboration and concern for the common good.

We created Prima Materia to help support an ecosystem of European technology builders over the next decade.

We are focusing on financing moonshots - working with scientists, engineers, inventors and investors to build some of the deep technology necessary to make a significant positive impact.

You can read more about our investments on the News and Resources page.

With our investments, we want Europe to live up to its potential and become a true technology leader and tackle the problems we all face. We need more successful companies to raise the bar and act as inspiration.

We plan to actively support European entrepreneurs by matching their ambition and helping them scale and achieve their amazing visions by pouring our full support and attention into the partnerships we develop.


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