EPITERNA is developing medicines to help pets and people live longer, healthier lives. Using a unique high-throughput drug screening platform, the company is developing safe, effective and accessible products to slow the ageing process. We look forward to this journey with Alejandro Ocampo and his team.

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After a successful launch in Sweden leading to a waitlist of close to 10,000 people, Neko Health raised €60m in their Series A to expand across Europe, with investment from leading European & US Investors.

Neko Health Raises €60m Series A (05/07/2023)

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Neko Health is a new health company developing technology for comprehensive and accessible health checkups to help people stay healthy by detecting risks and disease early. They recently launched their full body scan capturing 50 million data points on skin, health and general health in their own clinic in Stockholm

Daniel Ek’s new goal – to reform healthcare (02/02/2023)

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Helsing is a new type of artificial intelligence company focused on defence and security. Helsing was set up to build AI to serve our democracies and play a part in protecting them from harm. We share Helsing’s conviction that liberal democratic values are worth defending and that artificial intelligence will be an essential capability to keep us safe. The software gathers data from multiple sensors on vehicles and systems to help humans  process complex and diverse information more reliably and act quickly.

Daniel Ek’s €1bn Europe tech investment group puts first stake in Helsing (09/11/2021)
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You can hear from Daniel about the purpose of Prima Materia here:

Daniel Ek Announces €1 Billion for Ground-Breaking European Startups on The Node by Slush Stage (24/09/2020)

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