Why was Prima Materia founded?

Through Prima Materia, we want to contribute to building companies that change our shared trajectory into the future for the better. We believe that human ingenuity paired with rapidly advancing technology can solve many of the greatest challenges of our time, and that companies are great vehicles to deliver value to millions of people worldwide.

As entrepreneurs, we have built global businesses and we know the importance of getting the foundation of a great company right. Through Prima Materia, we want to give access to the capital, network and support they need to deliver meaningful impact to society.

What is your investment philosophy?

We want to partner with exceptional people to build companies that leverage technology to help solve meaningful problems for society.

We are not investors but builders and active owners to a small number of companies building great businesses for the long term.

Our philosophy is centred in the belief that Europe is home to incredible researchers, engineers and entrepreneurs and can attract great talent from all over the world. By supporting them, we can help drive real progress in areas that matter most to society and build global champions out of Europe.

What kind of companies are you looking to build?

We focus on financing moonshots. To us, that means working with ambitious scientists, engineers, and entrepreneurs who develop technologies that change our shared trajectory into the future for the better. This covers a wide range of areas including clean energy, AI, healthcare and natural resources.

We are not a venture capital firm and we do not embark on growth-stage financings. We prefer to meet founders at the beginning of their journey to build the foundation of a new company together. We no longer make new fund investments.

We are not looking for many investment opportunities to deploy capital, even if we are aligned with other companies’ missions and want them to succeed – we intentionally work with a small portfolio.

Who are the investors behind Prima Materia?

Our founders and principal investors are Daniel Ek and Shakil Khan, working with a small team across Europe.

Is there a connection to Spotify?

There is no connection to Spotify. Daniel Ek is the co-founder of Prima Materia, which operates independently. This activity is independent from his role as CEO and Chairman of Spotify.

How do you measure the success of your companies?

We have a very long time horizon and make investments that may take many years to come to full fruition. With these investments, we want to contribute to Europe living up to its potential as a global technology leader in areas that matter most to a thriving society.

Ultimately, we measure success in two ways – the tangible impact our companies make on people and the planet, and the role they play in inspiring and raising the bar for the next generation of entrepreneurs.


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